Well, we’ve finally done it, we’ve sent out all of our wristbands.

We’d like to say a massive Thanks to everyone who ordered, especially those who helped us out with postage, the response from overseas that we had was fantastic. Just look at some of the places we’ve reached!Continue reading

Hey folks! Deej here.

We’ve been busy these past few days making sure all of your wristband shipments have the correct address, customs and postage information on them. We’ve had to re-shuffle some of the larger orders to make sure we had enough for everyone, so apologies if you wanted more than we’ve been able to send you, but we never expected demand like we have.

Anyway, we’ve just been down to the Post Office and sent them all on their way.

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A quick update!

I just want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who’s ordered wristbands. All the orders are portioned off ready to be packed and shipped this week. It’s been quite exciting writing out address labels for Indonesia, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Kenya, Scotland, and not forgetting our local orders from Preston and even the great Manchester.

We’ve had a great response and we’re down to our last box of bands now, so get your orders in ASAP to mail@deejonscience.com to get your hands on the last few FREE wristbands.

Already got one?

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Hello there followers!

Just wanted to give you a little update, due to inactivity on our YouTube channel and website.

First of all I wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s requested wristbands! We’ve given 100s away and theres still plenty more up for grabs. If you’d like one then just send an email to mail@deejonscience.com, and let us know your address.

Secondly, the reason we’ve not been posting for a while is because we’re moving. The studio is currently in boxes waiting to be reassembled. We’ll be back soon, so keep an eye out on our YouTube channel for more information.

Thanks for your patience followers, we’ll be back very soon with some great new content.

Update: Aug 2013

Click Here for the latest info on our Wristbands and how to get some.

Want some free merch? Act now! While stocks last.

Deej on Science is getting surprisingly quite popular these days, and we’re getting some great responses from our fans, so we thought we’d give you something back in return.

We’ve ordered a shed load of these super cool Deej on Science Wristbands, that we’re just giving away, in a hope that you’d wear yours with pride and when asked tell your interrogator:

“Ahh it’s for Deej’s Science Show, this super awesome science program on the internet that I watch, you should check it out.”

The bands come set in a stylish dark green, with the logo and website debossed into the silicone and filled in with a mint green ink. We’re pretty pleased with how cool they are.

I want one of these super cool fashion accessories, and will not rest until one is obtained!

Ahh, we respect your enthusiasm and are willing to only oblige in sending one out to you.  Just follow these instructions on how to obtain one…Continue reading

Hey! Look what you guys did! We got second place!

Thanks to everyone who voted for us and all of your support, we where pipped with the top spot but to a worthy contender.

Thanks Heart Internet for not only hosting us, but also including us in this great competition and for giving us second place and a lovely special recognition badge for the site.

Take a look over at Heart’s website for the article about the winners (click here).

Thanks again for all of your support Science fans. See you on YouTube next week.

All the best, and a Happy New Year.