Evening folks.

I speak to you as we are currently rendering DoS S02 News E07.

As we’ve now been properly made partners, and have access to all of the extended YouTube features, we’ve decided we’re going to start better targeting our shows for maximum exposure. This means that our weekly News Show that’s so far been every Tuesday will now be aired every Wednesday.

After some analysis of our stats on this and our other channels, we’ve decided that Wednesday uploads would be better for engaging our particular demographic, and gain maximum exposure for our videos.Continue reading

You don’t need to be a Scientist to know that Cancer sucks ass, so lets sort it out.

It’s finally Autumn again, and that time of year when Men across the globe will don a fine stache in aid of raising money and awareness for Cancer Research in a huge worldwide “tash-off”.

It’s no different here at the Network Deej HQ. We’re joining the fight against cancer in this facial face off. We’re even starting a team!Continue reading

After all of the trouble over the past few weeks on getting a successful and safe launch, yesterday Felix Baumgartner finally managed to achieve his mission to skydive from the ‘edge of space’.

It was a fantastic day for it, and it made our Sunday very magical and one that will go down in history. The flurry of emotions we endured as they were going through the pre-jump checklist was fascinating, especially when they opened the capsule door.

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20,000 views and 197 Subscribers, Thanks Guys!We’re finally getting somewhere.

Deej on Science crossed the 20,000 view marker earlier this week, and things are getting better. We’ve signed a partnership deal with a rather prominent network on YouTube who offer promise to help us grow the channel, which will make the show bigger and better than ever.

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The crazy Austrian Skydiver, Felix Baumgartner attempts a frankly terrifying feat today, where he’ll attempt to break the world record for the highest ever sky dive by jumping from a balloon floating near the edge of space.

The mission, sponsored by Red Bull, is scheduled to take off at 01:30pm (GMT) today, Tuesday 9th October, and will last all of 10 minutes. Continue reading