A quick update!

I just want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who’s ordered wristbands. All the orders are portioned off ready to be packed and shipped this week. It’s been quite exciting writing out address labels for Indonesia, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Kenya, Scotland, and not forgetting our local orders from Preston and even the great Manchester.

We’ve had a great response and we’re down to our last box of bands now, so get your orders in ASAP to mail@deejonscience.com┬áto get your hands on the last few FREE wristbands.

Already got one?

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Hello there followers!

Just wanted to give you a little update, due to inactivity on our YouTube channel and website.

First of all I wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s requested wristbands! We’ve given 100s away and theres still plenty more up for grabs. If you’d like one then just send an email to mail@deejonscience.com, and let us know your address.

Secondly, the reason we’ve not been posting for a while is because we’re moving. The studio is currently in boxes waiting to be reassembled. We’ll be back soon, so keep an eye out on our YouTube channel for more information.

Thanks for your patience followers, we’ll be back very soon with some great new content.