The Beginning

Welcome to Deej on Science; the entertaining yet educational Science show on YouTube made by me, Deej.

Launched back in November 2011, with Season 1, the show ran for a few months. Each episode contained 2 story features and an experiment/daft trick for viewers to try at home. I started out because I wanted to have an outlet to tell, well, anyone who was interested, some cool things I’d learnt over the years. I already had a Video blog channel, which I still have, so I thought I’d use my video production talents on something a little more constructive.

The show gained most of it’s popularity from it’s first video, the explanation of a then viral topic “Quantum Levitation”. The other episodes released since then have also gained a steady number of views and comments.

Season 2

Although I always intended on making more videos, since the success of the initial batch, some things went wrong at home which meant I had to spend my time doing other things. Now all that’s behind us, and we’re finally settled in our new place, with a brand new, bigger, better and brighter studio, season 2 will be winging it’s way to your screens very soon.

Whilst relaunching I also though it time for a quick re-brand. So I’ve tweaked the graphical style of everything, and devised a new format for the new show.

Production will be much easier and faster, as there’s less to cram into each episode, so it’ll be a lot faster for us to make, and a lot easier for you to digest. We hope you’ll love the new show, so please subscribe on YouTube so you don’t miss a single episode.


There are three types of episodes for Deej on Science (as of Season 2). These are Exposed, News, and Foundations.


These shows are jam packed full of historic tales from the usual scientific topics of Technology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Earth Sciences, Astronomy and Zoology. Exposed shows are here to explain things of scientific interest that you may or may not have heard about before, or maybe just expand on knowledge you already have.


As you can probably guess from the title, in these shows I’ll be explaining the most interesting recent news stories, and expanding a little on what advances in technology, space exploration and other discoveries could mean for us.


It is understood that obviously not everyone is a science geek. Even though I try my best to explain things in layman’s terms in each episode, there will be times when I say things that some people may not understand. That’s where foundations come in. These episodes will be aimed at teaching people the most basic things about science, from the forces of nature to some basic laws of physics; that will hopefully make the show more enjoyable.

Season 3

Watch this space! …