All Banded Out

Well, we’ve finally done it, we’ve sent out all of our wristbands.

We’d like to say a massive Thanks to everyone who ordered, especially those who helped us out with postage, the response from overseas that we had was fantastic. Just look at some of the places we’ve reached!

Deej Gone Global

Deej on Science is now officially viewed in over 15 countries, and our wristbands have reached those locations too. We’ve sent bands to some rather exotic places, reaching a fair few corners of the world.

We can officially announce that our wristbands have been sent to: Kenya, India, Czech Republic, Mauritius, Romania, Lithuania, Poland, Canada, USA, Pakistan, Indonesia, Israel, Ireland, Scotland, England, and many more weird and wonderful places.


Thanks to those super cool fashionistas who’ve been flaunting their bands, and especially to people who sent a pic back of them sporting their merch.

If you’ve got a band and haven’t written in with your picture already, please do! We’d love to hear from you. You can Tweet your pics @DeejOnScience, post them to our Facebook page, or email them to

Want some bands?

I’m afraid for now, you’ve missed your chance 🙁 … we’ve shipped hundreds out across the world, and we’re still getting requests for them, but we just don’t have any left!

We’ll be ordering some again, so if you want to be put on our waiting list, just drop us an email and you’ll be the first to know when we get some more in stock.


We’re in the middle of writing some awesome episodes to be released that we’re sure you’re going to love, so we’ll see you online soon.

Until then, thanks for reading, we’ll see you on the Tubes 😉