Free Wristbands

Update: Aug 2013

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Deej on Science is getting surprisingly quite popular these days, and we’re getting some great responses from our fans, so we thought we’d give you something back in return.

We’ve ordered a shed load of these super cool Deej on Science Wristbands, that we’re just giving away, in a hope that you’d wear yours with pride and when asked tell your interrogator:

“Ahh it’s for Deej’s Science Show, this super awesome science program on the internet that I watch, you should check it out.”

The bands come set in a stylish dark green, with the logo and website debossed into the silicone and filled in with a mint green ink. We’re pretty pleased with how cool they are.

I want one of these super cool fashion accessories, and will not rest until one is obtained!

Ahh, we respect your enthusiasm and are willing to only oblige in sending one out to you.  Just follow these instructions on how to obtain one…

Click Here for the latest on getting your wristbands

Anyhow, there’s Science to be done, and bands to post. Hurry! Order yours now while stocks last! 😀